To be a PR1MA home owner, you must follow the steps of our application process below to be eligible to apply for the ballot.

STEP 1/3

STEP 2/3

STEP 3/3

Balloting will take place within 1 month
or more from the closing of application.

  • Ballot results will be listed on
  • Successful applicants and those on
    the Reserved List will be contacted
    via SMS or email
  • Proceed with loan arrangements
  • Receive your home
    allocation details
  • You’re on your way to
    becoming a proud PR1MA


Create an account here and
activate your account via your email.

Fill up the form

Kindly activate your account within 14
days by clicking the
link in the confirmation
email by PR1MA

Create a new
password for your

Your PR1MA account
is created! Now
you must proceed to
the registration process


Submit all the required documents online in
order to complete your registration process.

Log in using your
User ID and

Fill up the form,
select your desired
location(s) and
attach all required

Receive your unique
12-digit PR1MA
reference number

(Eg: P1212-0000125)
Use this number for
future reference

You’ll be notified of
the launch of your
preferred area
developments via 
email and SMS.


Once a PR1MA development in your desired location is launched and
application to be balloted is opened, please apply as follows:

Log in to
with your user ID
and password

Update profile
(if any changes) to 
be elligible to apply
for the ballot

Select and apply for
your desired home
from the list

Are you eligible
to apply?
Check now >